Rainbow FL
Outdoor Adventures
for Trans Youth

Upcoming Events at Rainbow FL.O.A.T.Y.

Rainbow FL.O.A.T.Y. is planning our first official Adventure for Fall 2023 at Highlands Hammock State Park. This overnight camping event - open to families with children aged 7-17 - is intended to provide a structured social experience for trans and gender non-conforming youth as well as peer support for their families. Activities will include a boardwalk nature hike through the cypress swamp, games, and campfire stories/skits. All meals will be provided (with consideration given to dietary restrictions) and tents will be made available to those who cannot bring their own. We hope that the families in attendance will leave with great memories, a bolstered support system, and new life-long friends.

A $15/person contribution is requested, but not required for participation.

About Rainbow FL.O.A.T.Y.

Rainbow Florida Outdoor Adventures for Trans Youth is a new venture devised by queer parents who love the outdoors - including an Army veteran and former Boy Scout. Our mission is to provide unique and engaging social opportunities for gender diverse kids while helping their families build stronger support networks. We believe that, in these especially trying times in our state, strong communities are more important than ever.

Rainbow FL.O.A.T.Y. is sponsored, funded, and administered by Hōmstêd Ministries, Inc - a nondogmatic interfaith ministry formed in 2020 to serve the Florida LGBTQIA+ community and recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) public charity. Donations are tax deductible.

Partner with Rainbow FL.O.A.T.Y.

Do you or your organization work with gender diverse youth? We’d love to work with you!

Rainbow FL.O.A.T.Y. is looking to form partnerships with LGBTQIA+ organization across Florida and develop programs specially tailored to serve your unique communities.

Reach out to us at Partner@RainbowFloaty.com for more information.